What is the Pedal Pedal Club?

Pedal Pedal Club came out of a desire to forge ones own path in cycling.

There are so many different and beautiful ways to experience life on two wheels, but those paths aren't always obvious. The goal of Pedal Pedal Club is to provide guidance but not prescriptions for entering into that. You can get the right kit, the right gear, and the right tan lines(or not.) We don't care, provided you're on the bike.

We help you make a budget and track your goals. We love Strava and Pinterest, so we built Pedal Pedal on top of those platforms. Strava helps track what you do, and pinterest helps you collect aspirations and inspirations.

How does it work?

We create an account based off your Strava account, and so that we can track your Strava progress.

That progress goes towards completing a goal or treat: something that costs money like a jersey, a new part, an update, or maybe a trip. The goal's progress is based off of a budget that you define, and a weekly cycling goal that you define yourself.

After you've completed the goal, you have the option to claim it, and we'll send you an email to remind you. You still pay for the item yourself (we don't offer discounts or anything like that),


Privacy Policy

Future Plans

If you have any other ideas, send us a note at info@pedalpedal.club

Who made this?

This site is independently created and run by Andrew Lovett-Barron, and was originally made to help his partner Ayla see that she deserved to treat herself every once in a while.

Special thanks

Thanks to my wife Ayla Newhouse for the initial inspiration, support, design crits, and video modeling.

Thanks to the many folk who've spent time giving feedback or serving as interviewees during the ongoing design research.

Thanks to Bikes On Wheels for permission to use their jersey in the video.